Qualified exercise belonging to the specialist is targeted at the event, education and learning and working out of kids of early, preschool and preschool age

The graduate ought to be geared up for pedagogical, organizational, managerial, academic activities. In accordance together with the specifications of contemporary society, a professional should have a substantial amount of training humanistic beliefs centered on common values. view A professional really should combine broad elementary and functional workout to grasp his career, have the ability to exercise to use the obtained awareness, to have pedagogical applications and practices of work in the specialist of preschool education and learning. The goal of the graduates belonging to the specialty may be the education and learning, working out and development of children inside of the practical get the job done of preschool corporations, orphanages. Sphere of expert activity: The sphere of qualified professional exercise of graduates for the specialty is-the discipline of training: schooling, coaching and formation of youngsters of preschool age in accordance with the Straightforward minimum amount information in the Standard training method of preschool education and workout of youngsters from a particular to six yrs.

Objects of expert activity:

The objects of skilled professional action of graduates are: instructional companies, pre-school companies, mini-centers, pedagogical faculties, departments of schooling, institutes of enhancement of professional talent. Subjects of competent exercise: The themes of proficient activity are: ambitions, aims, content material, types of group of coaching and education and learning, gains, methods of use the requirements of the strategy of instruction with the Republic of Kazakhstan. Sorts of professional activity: – training, workout, growth and formation of the persona of the preschooler; – group in the means of instruction and guidance, management with the pedagogical plan; – diagnostics, correction, forecasting of outcome of pedagogical activity; learning, generalization, distribution of innovative practical knowledge around the sphere of preschool education and learning. Skilled capabilities: Capabilities of competent activity in the expert of preschool education and guidance are: the business of varied functions of youngsters of preschool age, management of process of development and enhancement from the individuality. Requirements for fundamental competencies with the specialty 0101000 – pre-School schooling and upbringing know: – with regard to the phenomena and legal guidelines of enhancement of nature, culture and male; – about the improvement of modern society: diversity of cultures, civilization, forms of social have, the spot of Kazakhstan during the world-historical technique; know: – scientific and theoretical bases and regularities of education, teaching, improvement of preschool young boys and girls, features of education and learning of kids of early childhood; – fundamentals from the legislative process on the Republic of Kazakhstan, authorized, ethical and ethical benchmarks with the area of top notch activity; – patterns of psychological advancement, age and particular properties within the kid’s psyche; – the role of mental progression as one particular in the most significant problems with getting ready a youngster for varsity; – new varieties of pre-school corporations at this time phase; – the essence of contemporary educational systems, superior pedagogical, domestic, ethnic encounter around the group of training and instruction; – the main varieties of violations of kid advancement; – the location and purpose of preschool pedagogy and private solutions within the plan of interdisciplinary homework in fixing realistic obstacles of instruction, preparation and private advancement of preschool young boys and girls; – properties within the issue of progress with the kid’s persona within the family members from the new forms of pre-school businesses at this time stage. know: – to analyze the key financial procedures inside the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad; – to investigate the record of preschool pedagogy also, the present condition of domestic and overseas preschool pedagogy; – expose the defining designs of psychological development of youngsters and their romantic relationship with training and instruction; – use new procedures of scientific groundwork, established in psychological and pedagogical science, to be aware of the means of processing the particular material; – to expose the psychological construction of each variety of children’s exercise, to show the styles of its progression all through preschool childhood; provide the competencies: – progression and implementation of your educational technique of preschool establishments; – intellectual, ethical, actual physical, social, aesthetic, financial, environmental instruction and development of youngsters of early, preschool and preschool age. be knowledgeable: – inside the area of education and learning: to find out the most crucial parts, functionality of operating and progress, principle and observe of education and learning and preparation, prospective buyers for renewal and growth; – in realizing the purpose of psychological variables in resolving the issues of instruction, preparation to always be capable to work out psychological worries within their specialty; – inside the means of diagnosis and correction of unique qualities of preschool young children.

Pre-school schooling and instruction

Objective: to make sure that equivalent accessibility to top quality pre-school training and education Focus on indicator: proportion of kids aged 3-6 a long time enrolled in pre-school schooling and preparation on current material Tasks: 1. To further improve the standard of your instructing workforce of pre-school organizations and strengthen the prestige in the educating career. By 2020, it is actually planned to raise the share of teachers in pre-school organizations with specialized bigger and technical and vocational instruction to fifty percent. To accomplish this indicator, the point out educational order for the guidance of academics in universities and colleges with the specialty “pre – Faculty training and training” should be improved annually (in 2015, 1 805 grants were allotted in colleges, 295 grants in universities, in 2019 in schools – as many as 2,two hundred, in universities – up to 350 grants). It’s also prepared to switch to unbiased certification of instructing workforce for pre-school schooling and workout in 2019. Every last calendar year, about 7,000 lecturers of pre-school schooling and workout will endure schooling classes on the cost in the funds. Furthermore, teachers of pre-school corporations will annually maximize their abilities in the expense of extra-budgetary resources. 2. Strengthen the network of pre-school companies taking under consideration the demographic problem. Pre-school businesses will grow both of those quantitatively and qualitatively, is going to be targeted on meeting the necessities with the populace, using under consideration the demographic situation. By 2020, 186.three thousand new places should be built (2016 – 47.four thousand; 2017 – 41.nine thousand; 2018 – forty four.six thousand; 2019 – 52.four thousand), that can grow the speed of coverage of youngsters, including from low-income families, preschool education and learning and preparation. These spots shall be delivered for the expenditure of enlargement of the network from the preschool companies with entire day of work by gradual transformation of your mini-centers with short-term working day of work in extensive at the cost of implies of your community spending budget and mechanisms of PPP. Energetic and targeted information regarding the benefits of PPPs together with the placement belonging to the state academic will sakasavesa appreciable advancement of private preschools. New customary projects with the construction and operation of pre-school organizations positioned for the 1st floor of household complexes, including through PPP, shall be formulated. In 2019, the volume of rooms of psychological and pedagogical correction will improve from a hundred thirty five units to 263 models. 3. Update the information of pre-school education and learning and teaching targeted at good planning of kids for varsity. Considering the fact that 2016, the up-to-date Condition pre-school education and instruction software are released, introduced taking into account the early enhancement of kids from one to three years, General education model process of pre-school training and workout and academic software of pre-school coaching. Mainly because 2017, all companies of preschool training and education will progressively introduce components from the plan of multilingual instruction because of the research of Kazakh, Russian and English languages. By 2017, a application of indicators will undoubtedly be formulated and applied to track the event of abilities in small children in pre-school companies. Prognosis will be performed in the commencing, center and stop for the university calendar year (starting off deal with, intermediate and closing), the outcome are crammed with the “observation Sheets”. About the basis with the gained facts, an individual baby improvement card is crammed in. Work will go on within the enhancement and implementation of instructional and methodical complexes (hereinafter-UMK), as well as specific courses for children with amazing educational necessities for 8 types of violations. Pre-school preparation of 6-year-olds might be transformed into the 1st grade of the 12-year faculty in the 2019-2020 faculty 12 months. From 2017, within the expense of extra-budgetary money, the mechanism of distance studying for folks to care for kids of preschool age as well as their advancement (at least two thousand moms and dads of kids 1-6 yrs aged who never show up at preschool organizations in each individual region) would be tested and executed as a result of the portal “??????.kz”. 4. To enhance administration and checking from the improvement of pre-school instruction and education. The notification technique over the commencing and termination of actions around the field of pre-school instruction and exercise shall be additional enhanced, which is aimed at strengthening control more than the activities of pre-school businesses and ever-increasing the duty of the subjects of pre-school education. Every year, 20 % of pre-school schooling institutions will undergo the treatment of state certification with the intention to management the compliance of educational companies while using the specifications of the condition obligatory customary of pre-school education and coaching. In accordance with all the Concept of social development with the Republic of Kazakhstan right up until 2030, do the trick will continue on to boost the procedure of assessment of educational achievements. Academic software programs of innovative exercise classes with the discipline of management will undoubtedly be up to date, that can be qualified every year by twenty percent of heads of preschool organizations. The tutorial software programs of advanced instruction classes will embody innovative sorts of management for the enhancement of management attributes in a new paradigm of education. Steps will be taken to produce a lifestyle of nourishment between preschool children, such as by means of the advertising of a balanced strong food plan and making sure their consumption of organic and fresh new services.